Greetings and salutations!

ken!Hi there! I'm Ken, and this is my little website. At mushycat I make pins/buttons/badges, stickers, shirts, undies, and whatever else I come up with! I really do mean I make everything myself, from pressing the buttons to screen printing to programming all the code that runs everything. If you want to know more...

Postage Increase!
International postage rates went up sharply recently, and I just updated the cart to reflect that. Domestic went up too, but not nearly as much. Gone are the days when I could stick a couple of stamps on an envelope! Now they print out two ugly stickers and slap them on.  

oh bother.
Fudge, all I did was refresh the site and now the old updates aren't showing up! And it's been so long since I've mucked around with the site software that it'll take me more than five minutes to work out, which means I'm going to leave it like this for a while. : )

No big deal, all the buttons are still up for ordering just fine!


UPDATE: fixed! Stuff is showing up again where it should!
Happy New Year!
I'm back and taking orders again! Happy New Year! It's going to be a good one!
See you next year!
I'm closing mushycat for the holidays, see you in a couple of weeks! All existing orders will be going out ASAP.
Shirts are on hiatus!
I'm not going to be taking shirt orders for a while, I've just been way too busy with Other Things! I'm shipping out existing orders as fast as I can.
A pro-choice band? My kind of band!
Funniest thing anyone has ever said about the "We won't go back" shirt I make (and wear) -- I was at my favorite little health food store today and the cashier (a guy) looked at my shirt and asked, "Is that a band?". I said no and gently dropped a hint, thankfully it was enough for him to suddenly realize what the shirt is about. And he didn't recoil in horror which is always a good thing.

It would be a good name for a band though...

It's spring!
Heya! Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been putting a lot of time into jewelry-making. I'm going to start making a button a day again soon, for bursts of time at least. The ideas have been piling up!
Button a Day hiatus!
The past week's button a day designs.

I'm taking a little break from making a button every day for a while, I'm getting a bit burnt out! I'll still be making orders of course!
More buttons!
The past week's button a day designs.

Time for... the week's buttons!
The past week's button a day designs.

Weekly button time!
The past week's button a day designs.

Weekly Buttons
The past week's button a day designs.

Weekly buttons!
The past week's button a day designs.

Weekly buttons!
This past week's button a day designs. Lots of pro-choice ones for the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade!

Weekly buttons!
Every week I'm going to post all of the button a day designs I've made to the front page. Here's what I've made so far!

A button a day!
I'm doing this new thing where I post a new design every single day. Check it out! A button a day!
Smitten with trees!
I've fallen in love with these two shops:

MetalSmitten - Jess makes gorgeous silver jewelry. My favorites are the sprouting seeding pendants and the wee rings. AND what makes Jess especially awesome is that she made a video on how she makes the wee rings. It's not only totally cute, she really goes into detail and shows off her skills. She's also friendly to the environment, pitbulls, and kitties. What's not to be smitten by?

talk2thetrees - Rachael sells her paintings, jewelry, and knitted hats, wonderful knitted hats that make me pine for colder weather so that I can wear one (it's been rather hot here in NYC lately!). Her modeling and photography is amazing as well, she has this wonderful style that perfectly presents her work.

I've still mainly been working on my own jewelry lately. I've been making lots of progress, but I still have a ways to go before I'm satisfied.

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