Treadle Scroll Saw Restoration

I finally finished restoring the Millers Falls "New Rogers" treadle scroll saw (circa 1880) that I bought off ebay for $50. Here's what it looked like before:

And here it is now:
Someone had actually painted the saw white at some point. Even the grinding stone! So I had to remove all of that.

I removed all the surface rust with wire brushes and a molasses solution (which really works!).

Fabricated new wood arms and pitman out of maple (the old ones were completely dry and cracked). I'm really happy with how they turned out. I finished them with 100% tung oil and oh my, what a gorgeously smooth finish. You really have to see and touch them in person. I <3 tung oil. : P to varnishes and other solvent-based yuck.

Fixed a small crack in the cast iron.

Made a new screw or two.

I was initially going to paint all of the metal black, but I really hate paint, and once I had cleaned up the metal it looked really good by itself, so I used paste wax and oil as a finish. I also didn't want it to look 'new'. It's over 100 years old and I wanted to respect that.

I made a small T-base for the saw to sit on, it makes it more rigid and also keeps it the cast iron feet from scratching up the floor. I made a nice half-lap wood joint.

For the drive belt I used the same urethane hollow-core belt material that I use for my treadle sewing machines because I won't use leather, which is the standard belt material. It's yellow and looks silly but it works great.

There was a mechanism for a dust blower but I left it off because the bellows was missing. I've yet to find any reference as to what the bellows actually looked like, it seems that none have survived intact. No big deal, and I saved all the bits of course.

It cuts beautifully. I think it looks beautiful too. I am *so* happy with how it turned out. Now I maybe I can start taking shirt orders again. ^__^

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