Smitten with trees!
I've fallen in love with these two shops:

MetalSmitten - Jess makes gorgeous silver jewelry. My favorites are the sprouting seeding pendants and the wee rings. AND what makes Jess especially awesome is that she made a video on how she makes the wee rings. It's not only totally cute, she really goes into detail and shows off her skills. She's also friendly to the environment, pitbulls, and kitties. What's not to be smitten by?

talk2thetrees - Rachael sells her paintings, jewelry, and knitted hats, wonderful knitted hats that make me pine for colder weather so that I can wear one (it's been rather hot here in NYC lately!). Her modeling and photography is amazing as well, she has this wonderful style that perfectly presents her work.

I've still mainly been working on my own jewelry lately. I've been making lots of progress, but I still have a ways to go before I'm satisfied.

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